Advocacy efforts are most successful when industry members engage and participate.

NATM Government Affairs program

The NATM Government Affairs program serves as the collective voice of the light- and medium-duty trailer manufacturing industry. Through the NATM Government Affairs Committee, staff, and the Association’s government affairs representatives from K&L Gates based in Washington D.C., NATM proactively engages on issues impacting the industry, such as federal laws and regulations, and provides education to member companies about issues, both potential and definitive. The program also seeks to raise NATM’s visibility among government decision-makers and facilitates member constituents meeting with their legislators.

Regulatory Roundup

NATM hosts the annual Regulatory Roundup in Washington, D.C. The Roundup includes speakers and presenters from a variety of industry groups and agencies such as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), staff members of key congressional committees, as well as other industry experts discussing the industry's status and future. The date of the Roundup depends on the Congressional Calendar.

​Capitol Hill Visits

Following the Annual Regulatory Roundup, NATM coordinates Capitol Hill Visits. Participants are grouped into teams and visit the offices of their Senators and Representatives. These meetings allow NATM members to discuss the impacts of legislation on the industry and educate legislators on NATM’s safety initiatives.

Plant Tours

NATM encourages members to host members of Congress for plant tours. These tours help educate Senators and Representatives about the trailer manufacturing industry and the impact of the industry on their state and districts.

Legislative Roundtables

Throughout the year, NATM works with its government affairs representatives at K&L Gates to host roundtable discussions at various member locations. During roundtables, NATM members interact with Senators or Representatives from their state or legislative district to provide insight into the trailer industry and discuss the impacts of legislation on their companies.

NATM Political Action Committee (PAC)

​The NATM Political Action Committee was established to support members of Congress who support the Association and its positions on matters of public policy. Since NATM may not contribute membership dues or other corporate funds to federal candidates, the NATM PAC is the only opportunity to make political contributions as an industry. Pursuant to federal law, the eligible employees and other individuals affiliated with NATM’s corporate members may only be solicited by the PAC if the corporate member has given advance approval. Those funds are used to make contributions to candidates for federal office. For more information contact NATM Assistant Director Meghan Ryan at or call (785) 272-4433.

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