NATM Decal

Buying A Trailer?

As a consumer, it is nearly impossible to fully understand the hundreds of safety-related regulations that trailer manufacturers are required by law to comply with, including lights, trailer capacities, brakes, and much more.

NATM has made it easier on consumers by creating the NATM Decal. Trailers featuring this decal are built by manufacturers who have verified compliance through the NATM Compliance Verification Program.

NATM has compiled the applicable federal regulations and industry best practices and every two years, NATM Compliance Consultants visit member facilities to ensure they have the manufacturing processes in place to build trailers in accordance with these standards.

Participation in this program is MANDATORY for all NATM trailer manufacturing members and only NATM members who have successfully completed the Compliance Verification Program are allowed to place NATM Decals on their trailers.

Consumer Alert: The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Cautions Buyers that Trailers Must Meet Federal Safety Regulations. Find Trailer Manufacturers Near You!

What is the NATM Decal? 
The NATM Decal is an emblem of NATM that signifies “Commitment to Safety.” It recognizes NATM members that have successfully completed a NATM compliance consultation.
What information can I get from my NATM Decal serial number? 
If your NATM decal was purchased within the years of our current records, NATM can potentially provide the manufacturer who purchased the NATM decal. NATM suggests contacting your dealer or the trailer manufacturer directly for all other inquiries.
Questions about your NATM Decal? 
For more information about your NATM Decal email

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