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CVP Overview

The program begins with the Guidelines for Minimum Recommended Manufacturing Practices (Guidelines). The Guidelines are a compilation of applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, regulations, and industry best practices – all found in one easy-to-use, organized compendium. The Guidelines aim to create easy access to reference materials and federal regulations with which trailer manufacturers are required to comply. 

Through the CVP, it is the mission of NATM to educate our member manufacturers on those requirements set forth by governing bodies. With this free flow of information and open lines of communication, NATM members are provided with access to resources and information that can often be time-consuming and difficult to compile on their own.

Members then undergo a biennial consultation. The consultation features an extensive checklist of items, all pulled from the Guidelines, intended to ensure member manufacturers have the processes in place to build trailers in accordance with federal safety regulations and industry best practices. A key component of the program is that an independent third party from NATM, knowledgeable in the requirements, conducts the consultation. The process is collaborative and our goal is to help members build safe, federally compliant trailers.

 CVP Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits of Participating In The CVP
  • Every two years a Compliance Team member will conduct
    CVP consultation to confirm your trailers are following the program’s guidelines 
  • Access to the NATM Guidelines
  • Technical Resources and Support from NATM
  • Active Committees within NATM
  • Generic Owner’s Manuals that can be purchased
  • Advertising Opportunities
  • Advocacy Work – Capitol Hill Visits, Regulatory Roundup

Compliance Team

Questions about building compliant trailers? We're here to help!
  • Scott Crimmins
    Scott Crimmins
    Technical Director National Association of Trailer Manufacturers
    Technical Director
  • Sean Sloan
    Sean Sloan
    Compliance Manager National Association of Trailer Manufacturers
    Compliance Manager
  • Aaron Langer
    Aaron Langer
    Senior Compliance Consultant National Association of Trailer Manufacturers
    Compliance Consultant
  • Todd Stallbaumer
    Todd Stallbaumer
    Compliance Consultant National Association of Trailer Manufacturers (785)272-4433
    Compliance Consultant