2024 NATM Committees

NATM Committees are responsible for guiding the work of the Association to ensure NATM continues to meet member needs and stays at the forefront of industry trends. Committee members are invaluable to the success of the Association.

* Indicates Committee Chair


The purpose of the Finance Committee is to plan and monitor the Association finances. Primary responsibilities include proposals for: the annual budget, revenue sources and dues structure.

  • Nathan Uphus, Felling Trailers*
  • Andy Derr, M.H. Eby
  • Charles Daugherty, Red Fern Dynamics
  • Deborah Edwards, MMDi, Inc. d/b/a SteelPoint
  • Don Taylor, K2 Manufacturing, LLC
  • John Kerr, MMA
  • Josh Gurley, Trailer Makers
  • Kevin Tenhaken, Demco
  • Marco Garcia, U-Haul
  • Marty Lorick, Triple Crown
  • Richard LaVanture, LaVanture Products
  • Steve Courreges, Taskmaster Components


  • Marco Garcia, U-Haul*
  • Andy Derr, M.H. Eby
  • Nathan Uphus, Felling Trailers
  • Marty Lorick, Triple Crown
  • Steve Courreges, Taskmaster Components

The purpose of the Convention Committee is to plan and oversee all activities of the Annual Convention & Trade Show.

  • Doug Beaver, M.H. Eby
  • Brent Freel, KampCo
  • Brent Sailor, Elkriver Trailers
  • Chris Walls, C.E. Smith Inc. Co.
  • Dustin Smtih, Optronics
  • Devlun Whiteing, Midwest Industries
  • Heather Gonzales, Down to Earth
  • Jeff Jones, Statistical Surveys
  • Joe Araguz, PPG Commercial Refinish
  • Marco Garcia, U-Haul
  • Melanie Gibson, Dexter
  • Paula Landoll-Smith, Landoll
  • Richard LaVanture, LaVanture Products
  • Robert Roden, HE Parmer
  • Ryan Griesemer, Ridewell Corp.

Government Affairs

The purpose of the Government Affairs Committee is to raise NATM’s

visibility among key government decision‐makers and to advance NATM’s position in order to proactively shape federal laws and regulations that may have a material impact on the light‐ and medium‐duty trailer industry.
​This will be accomplished through:

  • Identifying NATM members with legislative contacts;
  • Educating key decision makers about NATM and our issues of concern
  • Monitoring legislative and regulatory activities.
  • Leo Akins, Forest River*
  • Andy Gehman, MGS Incorporated
  • Brad Slone, Round House Industries
  • Brent Sailor, Elkriver Trailers
  • Brett Johnson, Optronics International
  • Conrad West, EZ Loader Boat Trailers
  • Daniel Luby, Boatmate Trailers, LLC
  • David Ladwig, LDJ Manufacturing Inc
  • Deborah Edwards, MMDi, Inc d/b/a SteelPoint
  • Dustin Miller, Cross Trailers, Inc
  • John Kerr, Marsh McLennan Agency
  • Jon Devitt, Midwest Industries
  • Konrad Pilatowicz, U-Haul
  • Marty Lorick, Triple Crown Trailers
  • Mike Story, Look Trailers
  • Patrick Jennissen, Felling Trailers
  • Randy McMann, Dexter Axle
  • Steve Courreges, Taskmaster Components
  • Ty Scott, Hydrastar
  • Vicky Strada, Interstate Group d/b/a TrailersPlus


The purpose of the Membership Committee is to recruit, qualify and approve applicants for membership, ensure ongoing member satisfaction, and continuously find methods of engagement with members.

  • Marcus D Hester, EMCO Industries
  • Ajith Dharma, Dun-Rite Manufacturing
  • Bill O’Hara, Dexter
  • Casey Epperson, United Treating & Distribution
  • Kyran Hollje, Delco Trailers
  • Logan Mesenbrink, LANE Trailer Manufacturing
  • Whitney Kovalenko, Dec-O-Art


The purpose of the Education Committee is to develop annual educational programming to be delivered to NATM members through a variety of mediums including Convention workshops, regional workshops, and webinars. The committee will recommend presenters and topics based on member needs and industry trends.

  • Eric Kazmierzak, Laclede Chain
  • Brett Crader, Wesco Distribution
  • Charles Banker, Snell Manufacturing
  • Erica Matthews, Optronics International
  • Heather Gonzales, Down to Earth
  • Jake Barlow, Clicklease
  • Jonathan Bradley, Taskmaster Components
  • Kyran Hollje, Delco Trailers
  • Lena Onashko, Rainbow Trailers
  • Matt Brady, Dexter
  • Melanie Bennett, ALM Positioners, Inc.
  • Nathan Uphus, Felling Trailers
  • Nick Dorfer, K2 Manufacturing
  • William Craig, U-Haul
  • Willie Bauer, Car Mate Trailers, Inc


The purpose of the Technical Committee is to review, clarify, and interpret technical and regulatory issues impacting the light-and medium-duty trailer industry. This Committee with oversee the Guidelines, Education and Safety Committees. The Technical Committee will approve and assign projects as required.

  • Michael Etheridge, Wylie & Son, Inc
  • Andy Derr, M.H. Eby
  • Bear Musgrave, Truck System Technologies
  • Cary Kronebusch, Peerless Industrial Group
  • Dave McKee, ATW
  • Dean Weldy, Maximus Group
  • James Perry, Atlas Copco
  • Joshua Jaspers, Demo
  • Michael Daly, Americana Tire and Wheel
  • Michael Ross, Monroe Towmaster, LLC
  • Nathan Dosmann, Dec-O-Art, Inc
  • Rawn Leegwater, NY-NJ Trailer Supply
  • Rod Ludwig, Midwest Industries
  • Santhosh “Sam” Kumar Loganathan,
  • Triple Crown Trailers
  • Taylor Jones, B&W
  • Tim Haley, Dexter
  • Tom Kaufman, Hillsboro Industries
  • William Craig, U-Haul


The purpose of the Technology Committee is to coordinate and serve as a forum for communication between tow vehicle manufacturers, component manufacturers, and trailer manufacturers, to better ensure that the technologies implemented are functional across vehicle types, makes, and models, for all parties involved as new technologies evolve and enter the market.

  • Jeff Gray, ASA Electronics*
  • Andrew Duggan, Hillsboro Industries
  • Benjamin Eles, General Motors
  • Brandon Ward, Simpson Strong-Tie
  • Chris Skallerud, Ford
  • Christopher Rauch, Crystal Welding Inc
  • David Bruns, Wilson Trailer Company
  • Eric Bierwagon, LANE Trailer Mfg.
  • Joe Livingston, Vitracoat
  • Marco Garcia, U-Haul
  • Mark Nave, Dexter Axle
  • Matt Christian, KTI
  • Nathan Uphus, Felling Trailers
  • Nick Dorfer, K2 Manufacturing
  • Shaun Douglass, Optronics International LLC
  • Tyler Wilson, Boatmate Trailers


To oversee the general outline and enforcement policies of NATM’s Compliance Verification Program and review the Guidelines and recommend updates as required.

  • Rick Huddleston, Ranger Boat
  • Andrew Alger, TRP International
  • Blake Brown, Boatmate Trailers
  • Bryce McIntyre, Stellar Industries Inc
  • Jeremy Deaton, Liberty Trailers
  • John Dietz, Sewer Equipment
  • John Terrell, ATW
  • Matthew Pugh, Dexter
  • Mike Ivey, WTM, Inc
  • Paul Murphy, MVSCS
  • Peter Giesbrecht, Delco Trailers
  • Willie Bauer, Car Mate Trailers Inc

trailer dealer

The purpose of this committee is to help ensure that NATM continues to deliver value that aligns with dealer needs. This committee will guide program expansion in the coming years and serves as an opportunity to unify the industry and improve trailer safety.

  • Chris Lago, All American Trailer Connection, Inc. * 
  • Denise Scholle, The Trailer Guy
  • Greg Blaser, Trailer World/Blaser Trailer Sales
  • Heather Gonzales, Down to Earth
  • Jeff Rebrovich, Forest River
  • Josh Widdes, Widdes Trailer Sales
  • Mark Mayfield, Leonard Buildings & Truck Accessories
  • Pam Daugherty, Red Fern Dynamics
  • Rod Hathaway, Maine Trailer