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About the NATM Member News Section: 

NATM is dedicated to providing its members with various opportunities to elevate their trailer businesses. One such opportunity is the NATM Member News section which can be found here. This online platform serves as an avenue for members to share their company news with the rest of the trailer industry. Whether it's the latest press release, a product announcement, or other exciting company happenings, the NATM Member News section is the perfect place to feature them.

Please note that only NATM Members and Dealer Affiliates are allowed to submit entries to the Member News section. Furthermore, submissions must adhere to the guidelines set by the Association. This ensures that the news being shared is of high quality and relevant to the industry. If you're a NATM Member and have some exciting news to share, be sure to submit it to the NATM Member News section and let the rest of the trailer industry know what's new with your company!

Submissions may also be included in the Member News section of Tracks magazine.

Submission Ideas Include:
  • Product launch
  • Announcing a new partnership
  • Highlighting your company culture
  • Introducing your newest employee
  • Receiving an award
  • Promoting trailer safety
  • Hosting educational events
  • Publishing informational industry content
  • Celebrating a promotion
  • Reaching a company milestone
  • And more!

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Please Note Important File Saving Instructions

For Written Content:

Accepted File Type: Word Doc/Google Doc

*Saving Instructions*

When uploading written content, please make sure the file name is as followed:
(Example: NATM.Convention.PressRelease, NATM.MemberBenefit.Blog)
For Photo Assets:
Accepted File Type: High-Res PNG 

*Saving Instructions*
When uploading photo assets, please make sure the file name is as followed:
CompanyName.Photo1, CompanyName.Photo2
(Example: NATM.Photo1, NATM.Photo2)

Submit Your Content 

Submission Guidelines: 

  1. All submissions accepted are subject to the policies and approval of NATM. NATM reserves the right to withdraw or reject any submission at any time without prior notice to the content owner when, in the sole judgment of NATM, it conflicts with board policy.
  2. Submissions containing pictures, illustrations or graphics deemed obscene, vulgar, racist or discriminatory, or otherwise offensive or inappropriate with the character of the publication are prohibited.
  3. All submissions featuring trailers must demonstrate compliance with the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers’ Compliance Verification Program. NATM reserves the right to reject any submission that does not meet applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, regulations and/or industry best practices outlined in the NATM Compliance Verification Program. Further, any non-compliances alleged or discovered on a NATM member trailer shall be subject to investigation and if necessary, corrective action, as outlined in the NATM Compliance Verification Program Policy and Procedures
  4. Submissions heavily featuring non-member trailer industry businesses will not be accepted.
  5. Approved submissions will be uploaded to within 5 business days of receiving approved content.

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