2024 Committees Announced

Posted By: Alex Stowe NATM News,

The National Association of Trailer Manufacturers is a not-for-profit directed entirely by its membership base and their elected representatives. NATM’s Committees serve a vital function in guiding the work of the Association. Committee members support the adaptation and evolution of the Association while seeing to it that the strategic vision established by the Board of Directors is being carried out. 

Committee volunteers signed up in record-breaking numbers to serve in 2024. With 124 individuals signed up to volunteer their time, nine committees with specific goals were established by the Executive Committee. These nine committees are Compliance, Convention, Dealers, Education, Finance, Government Affairs, Membership, Technical, and Technology.  

Meeting from monthly to quarterly, these committees will be tackling big goals in 2024. These include, but are not limited to; 

  • Updating NATM’s Generic Owner’s Manuals.

  • Reviewing and updating NATM’s Investment and Reserves policies to ensure the Association is both prepared for the future and reinvesting in members today. 

  • Working with OEMs to try and find ways to involve trailer manufacturers in their processes.

  • Expanding Dealer Affiliate benefits.

2024 NATM Committees



Marco Garcia, U-Haul*

Andy Derr, M.H. Eby

Nathan Uphus, Felling Trailers

Marty Lorick, Triple Crown

Steve Courreges, Taskmaster Components


Nathan Uphus, Felling Trailers*

Andy Derr, M.H. Eby

Charles Daugherty, Red Fern 


Deborah Edwards, MMDi, Inc. d/b/a


Don Taylor, K2 Manufacturing, LLC

John Kerr, MMA

Josh Gurley, Trailer Makers

Kevin Tenhaken, Demco

Marco Garcia, U-Haul 

Marty Lorick, Triple Crown

Richard LaVanture, LaVanture 


Steve Courreges, Taskmaster 


Board Development (Nominations)

Andy Derr, M.H. Eby* 



Doug Beaver, M.H. Eby

Brent Freel, KampCo

Brent Sailor, Elkriver Trailers

Chris Walls, C.E. Smith Inc. Co.

Dustin Smtih, Optronics

Devlun Whiteing, Midwest Industries

Heather Gonzales, Down to Earth

Jeff Jones, Statistical Surveys

Joe Araguz, PPG Commercial 


Marco Garcia, U-Haul

Melanie Gibson, Dexter

Paula Landoll-Smith, Landoll

Richard LaVanture, LaVanture 


Robert Roden, HE Parmer

Ryan Griesemer, Ridewell Corp.


Eric Kazmierzak, Laclede Chain

Brett Crader, Wesco Distribution

Charles Banker, Snell Manufacturing

Erica Matthews, Optronics 


Heather Gonzales, Down to Earth

Jake Barlow, Clicklease

Jonathan Bradley, Taskmaster 


Kyran Hollje, Delco Trailers

Lena Onashko, Rainbow Trailers

Matt Brady, Dexter

Melanie Bennett, ALM 

Positioners, Inc.

Nathan Uphus, Felling Trailers

Nick Dorfer, K2 Manufacturing

William Craig, U-Haul

Willie Bauer, Car Mate Trailers, Inc.

Government Affairs

Leo Akins, Forest River*

Andy Gehman, MGS Incorporated

Brad Slone, Round House Industries

Brent Sailor, Elkriver Trailers

Brett Johnson, Optronics 


Conrad West, EZ Loader Boat Trailers

Daniel Luby, Boatmate Trailers, LLC

David Ladwig, LDJ Manufacturing Inc

Deborah Edwards, MMDi, Inc d/b/a 


Dustin Miller, Cross Trailers, Inc

John Kerr, Marsh McLennan Agency

Jon Devitt, Midwest Industries

Konrad Pilatowicz, U-Haul

Marty Lorick, Triple Crown Trailers

Mike Story, Look Trailers

Patrick Jennissen, Felling Trailers

Randy McMann, Dexter Axle

Steve Courreges, Taskmaster 


Ty Scott, Hydrastar 

Vicky Strada, Interstate Group d/b/a



Marcus D Hester, EMCO Industries

Ajith Dharma, Dun-Rite 


Bill O’Hara, Dexter

Casey Epperson, United Treating & 


Kyran Hollje, Delco Trailers

Logan Mesenbrink, LANE Trailer


Whitney Kovalenko, Dec-O-Art



Rick Huddleston, Ranger Boat

Andrew Alger, TRP International

Blake Brown, Boatmate Trailers

Bryce McIntyre, Stellar Industries Inc

Jeremy Deaton, Liberty Trailers

John Dietz, Sewer Equipment

John Terrell, ATW

Matthew Pugh, Dexter

Mike Ivey, WTM, Inc

Paul Murphy, MVSCS

Peter Giesbrecht, Delco Trailers

Willie Bauer, Car Mate Trailers Inc


Michael Etheridge, Wylie & Son, Inc

Andy Derr, M.H. Eby

Bear Musgrave, Truck System 


Cary Kronebusch, Peerless Industrial 


Dave McKee, ATW

Dean Weldy, Maximus Group

James Perry, Atlas Copco

Joshua Jaspers, Demo

Michael Daly, Americana Tire and 


Michael Ross, Monroe Towmaster, 


Nathan Dosmann, Dec-O-Art, Inc

Rawn Leegwater, NY-NJ Trailer 


Rod Ludwig, Midwest Industries

Santhosh “Sam” Kumar Loganathan, 

Triple Crown Trailers

Taylor Jones, B&W

Tim Haley, Dexter

Tom Kaufman, Hillsboro Industries

William Craig, U-Haul


Jeff Gray, ASA Electronics*

Andrew Duggan, Hillsboro Industries

Benjamin Eles, General Motors

Brandon Ward, Simpson Strong-Tie

Chris Skallerud, Ford

Christopher Rauch, Crystal Welding 


David Bruns, Wilson Trailer Company

Eric Bierwagon, LANE Trailer Mfg.

Joe Livingston, Vitracoat

Marco Garcia, U-Haul

Mark Nave, Dexter Axle

Matt Christian, KTI

Nathan Uphus, Felling Trailers

Nick Dorfer, K2 Manufacturing

Shaun Douglass, Optronics 

International LLC

Tyler Wilson, Boatmate Trailers

Trailer Dealer

Chris Lago, All American Trailer Connection, Inc.

Denise Scholle, The Trailer Guy

Greg Blaser, Trailer World/Blaser Trailer Sales

Heather Gonzales, Down to Earth

Jeff Rebrovich, Forest River

Josh Widdes, Widdes Trailer Sales

Mark Mayfield, Leonard Buildings & Truck Accessories

Pam Daugherty, Red Fern Dynamics

Rod Hathaway, Maine Trailer

If you are interested in learning about NATM Committees or would like to get involved, please contact NATM Executive Director Alex Stowe at Alex.Stowe@natm.com.