2024 New Product Display to Feature Latest and Greatest

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Share your newest innovations at our show by signing up for the New Product Display today!

Exhibitors of the NATM Convention & Trade Show can participate in the New Product Display this year. Have a new product? An exciting component to share with the industry? A new service that will save thousands? Promote it in NATM’s New Product Display for just $500 per product! 

Vote for the Best New Product

The best part? During the course of the NATM Convention & Trade Show, attendees will have the chance to vote on their favorite products in the New Product Display on the convention Mobile App. Once the voting process closes, the winners are presented with prestigious New Product Awards. All entries into the New Products Display are automatically eligible for the New Products Awards.

Attendees of the show will vote for the best new product. The winning awards will be announced at the New Products Display Awards on Thursday, Feb. 15th at 10:00 am. Winners will also be featured in NATM’s Tracks Magazine and will have the opportunity to be considered for a product special feature article.


The New Product Display is ONLY open to vendor exhibitors and the submission must be a physical product that can be on display at the event. The counter display will be chosen based on the specifications provided in your application. Some products may share a larger counter. If for any reason your product exceeds the specifications required to display on one of our counters, we will contact you concerning other display options available. The product release date must be any time after January 1, 2021.

Exhibitors participating in the New Product Display must bring their product(s) to the display area on the show floor on Tuesday, February 13th, between 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 pm or ship the product to the warehouse addressed to NATM Show Management. 

Application Submission Requirements:

  • Product name, description (3-4 sentences), and specifications (height, width, and weight)

  • (1) High-resolution image (300dpi minimum) of the product for publication purposes

  • (1) high-resolution company logo (PNG) 

  • Completed application by December 8th, 2023. 

Submit a 2024 NATM Convention & Trade Show New Product Display Application

New Product Raffle

NATM will also be raffling products submitted to the New Product Display to attendees on the last day of the show at 11 am on Thursday, Feb. 13th. Exhibitors in the New Product Display will be able to choose to participate in the raffle during the application process.  The raffle is optional.  

If a vendor does not want to participate in the raffle, products must be picked up at the end of the show by the participating company on Thursday, February 15th, 2023 between Noon - 5:00 pm. Any products left after that time may be discarded and NATM is not responsible for items participating companies leave behind. 

To participate in the New Product Display for $500 per product, submit an application here.

In case you have any questions or require assistance relating to the New Product Display at the 2024 NATM Convention & Trade Show, reach out to Aileen at Aileen.Valido@natm.com or call (785) 272-4433.

We can’t wait to see you in Vegas!