4-Star Trailers, Inc. Celebrates 40th Anniversary!

Posted By: Forrest Shifflett NATM Member News,

4-Star Trailers, Inc. is proud to celebrate the 40th anniversary of “Simply the Best” horse & stock trailer manufacturing! From the beginning in March of 1984 to the present, we’ve successfully produced a trailer both we and our customers can be proud of. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our loyal customers- your enthusiastic support is an honor we don’t take lightly!

The four stars in our name and logo represent four original owners. One of the four sold out within about six months, followed by another within about six years. 40 years later, 4-Star is still under the ownership of the remaining two original owners, Kenneth Waller and Kenny Hobbs, with three generations now building on their vision to be & build the best.

Our first location in 1984 boasted four owners, one employee, and dealers waiting for a trailer that had yet to be built. Less than a year later, 4-Star moved to SW 8th Street, increasing production space to four small shops. In 1995, we moved into our current facility at 10,000 NW 10th Street. We have since added on multiple times and now boast just under a quarter million square feet! We now have two owners, over 200 employees, and many more dealers across the US and Canada!

Our first dealer, Arena Trailer Sales, is still one of our top five dealers. Including Arena, there are nine dealers celebrating over 30 years with 4-Star- Altmeyer Trailer Sales, Coast to Coast, Wayne Hodges Trailer Sales, LA Trailers, Yates, Murdock, Murphy & Triple C.

The first 4-Star trailer sold for $7,300.00. Our average trailer MSRP is now $75,000.00, with our highest price trailer, the Essence, pricing around $600,000.00. 4-Star has built over 42,000 trailers with multiple patents and dozens of industry firsts.

Kenny & Kenneth give the glory to God for what they’ve been able to accomplish, and see every satisfied customer that chooses 4-Star as an honor. Their combined visions of taking pride in their work and drive for constant improvement has produced an unsurpassed trailer, a well-run business, loyal employees, customers, dealers, vendors & friends. While we are proud of the early trailers that are still in use & the quality that will allow our current trailers to do the same, it’s the people and relationships that have allowed this to happen. Many 4-Star employees have been with us for over 30 years, as well as vendors, dealers & customers- we wouldn’t be here without you, and we offer our sincere thanks.

Here’s to 40 more!