Attention Exhibitors: Booth Purchase Advisory Regarding Columns

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As excitement builds for the upcoming 2025 NATM Convention & Trade Show at the Gaylord Opryland Ryman Exhibit halls Feb. 17-20, 2025, we want to ensure that all exhibitors are well-informed about an essential aspect of booth purchases this year: the presence of structural columns within the exhibit halls.

The 2025 Exhibit Hall in Ryman B has structural columns every 30 feet, and if booths are merged, these columns could directly intersect with them. While most columns will be discreetly tucked away between a double layer of pipe and drape, it's crucial to keep them in mind when planning your booth space.

Visual Aid: Recognizing Structural Columns in Ryman Hall

To give you a visual aid, we've included a photo of Ryman hall below, showcasing these columns, alongside the 2025 NATM Convention & Trade Show booth sales map. In this map, the column squares are highlighted in yellow. Take a moment to review these visuals to grasp the layout of the exhibit halls and the location of these columns.

Gaylord Opryland Ryman Hall Example

Gaylord Opryland Ryman Hall Example

In our efforts to maximize booth spaces and minimize column interference with exhibitors of all sizes, NATM has already merged certain booth spaces ahead of the sales process to accommodate structural columns. We kindly ask all exhibitors to consider these factors when purchasing booth space. Please note, you are still able to purchase neighboring booths and the NATM Staff will merge them for you on the map.

Guidance for Exhibitors: Tips for Selecting Booth Spaces

When selecting your booth(s), don’t forget to pay close attention to the small square boxes on the MapYourShow Booth Sales map – they signify the presence of columns within the exhibit halls. Please see the diagram below in which the squares are highlighted to indicate structural columns.

2025 Floor Plan Includes Columns every 30’ and Pre-Merged Booths

We're committed to making the 2025 NATM Convention & Trade Show a resounding success, and your cooperation in navigating these booth purchase considerations is integral to that goal.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding booth purchases or the exhibit hall layout, please don't hesitate to reach out to NATM at (785) 272-4433 or

Thank you for being a part of the excitement surrounding the 2025 NATM Convention & Trade Show. Let's make it an event to remember!