National Trailer Safety Week: Improving Safety One Trailer at a Time

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The National Association of Trailer Manufacturers (NATM) prides itself on its continuous commitment to advancing trailer safety. However, Trailer Safety Week (TSW), which is held annually during the first week of June, provides a unique opportunity for the trailer industry to join forces and make the nation’s roadways safer. The goal of TSW is to increase awareness of safe trailering practices and educate end-users, dealers, and manufacturers on trailer safety. Reaching hundreds of thousands annually and even earning recognition at the federal level in 2023, TSW is the first nationwide traffic safety initiative that targets safe towing practices for light- and medium-duty trailers. NATM has developed a range of resources and content to support this mission, all of which are available on the Trailer Safety Week website.

5 Reasons NATM Members Should Celebrate Trailer Safety Week
  1.     Participation shows customers your company’s commitment to safety
  2.     NATM Members are industry leaders in safe products and practices  
  3.     Provides an opportunity to partner with local government agencies
  4.     Allows companies to play a role in unifying  the trailer industry
  5.     Creates media placement opportunities for participating companies

Trailer Safety Ally Program

The Trailer Safety Ally program is an excellent opportunity for companies that want to be involved in the safety campaign but have limited time to invest. As an official Trailer Safety Week Ally, NATM provides a Trailer Safety Communications Kit that promotes the company's involvement in Trailer Safety Week and shares information on safe trailering practices. The kit includes pre-made social media posts, downloadable Trailer Safety Week graphics, a blog post, and more. Companies can even customize the content to include information about their specific products and services that promote trailer safety. Becoming a Trailer Safety Week Ally demonstrates to potential customers that your company prioritizes safety.

Trailer Safety Champion Program

The Trailer Safety Week Champion program recognizes companies that go above and beyond to support TSW and provides them with greater promotional opportunities. While Trailer Safety Week includes Allies across the country, Trailer Safety Week Champions are companies that meet specific requirements and receive benefits listed on the TSW website.

Trailer Safety Partnership Program

The Trailer Safety Week Partnership program is designed to recognize companies, groups, and agencies that support the TSW mission through content development and resource sharing. Partnerships require a more significant commitment in terms of educational content creation and sharing and must conform to specific standards and requirements. For more information on becoming a TSW Partner, please contact NATM Education Director Ginger Baker-Sanhueza. Joining NATM and its TSW Allies in improving trailer safety is essential for expanding the campaign's reach and effectively improving roadway safety.

Visit for more information on becoming a Trailer Safety Ally, Champion, or Partner. NATM is excited to work with its members to advance the safety of the light- and medium-duty trailer industry.

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