NATM Committee Interest Indicator

NATM News,

It’s time to begin the process of selecting 2021 NATM Committees. NATM Committees are responsible for guiding the work of the Association to ensure NATM continues to meet member needs and stays on the forefront of industry trends. Committee members are invaluable to the success of the Association.

Sign up before November 18th to help guide NATM in 2021!

With 9 committees across a number of content areas, there is sure to be a committee that matches interests and the amount of time a member can invest. NATM understands there are many demands on member time. Our team of talented staff work to ensure committee member time commitment is as minimal as possible. Still, in order to be an Association by and for its members and best serve the industry, we need the help of industry members just like you.

In 2021 the 9 committees are:

  • Finance
  • Membership
  • Education
  • Convention
  • Marketing
  • Government Affairs
  • Technical
  • Technology
  • Compliance

We look forward to working with our members on making 2021 another great year!