NATM Revamps Towing Brochure

NATM News,
The National Association of Trailer Manufacturers updated its highly popular Safely Towing a Trailer brochure after distributing 45,000 copies in less than five years. The brochure is based on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s consumer safety information. It provides general guidance, tips, and necessary information about important factors to consider and equipment needed to improve the safety of towing trailers.

NATM Members and Dealer Affiliates can purchase printed Safely Towing a Trailer booklets individually, by case, or can opt for selecting a company-specific brochure, in PDF format, for $500. The personalized booklet will feature 8-10 photos or logos from your company throughout the document.

NATM will send you the PDF of the final document so that your company can print as many brochures as you wish! This is an easy, affordable way to market your company while also educating your customers about trailer safety.

The publication includes tips on selecting a tow vehicle, tow vehicle ratings, measuring the weight of a trailer, connecting your trailer to your vehicle, tire safety, loading, and weight distribution, safe driving tips, and the pre-departure safety checklist.

New this year is an extended “Maintenance” section. NATM regularly fields questions and complaints regarding corroding trailers from end-users. This problem is greatly dependent on the use and care of a trailer by its owner. The new maintenance section explains what causes rust, including corrosive materials such as rock salt used for deicing roadways, chips in the protective layer exposing the metal, and galvanic corrosion resulting from dissimilar metals making contact.
End-users are given recommendations on how to avoid and treat corrosion through regular maintenance and cleaning. For more information about preventing corrosion, see NATM’s January/February 2020 issue of Tracks magazine.

NATM Members and Dealer Affiliates can request copies of the brochure by contacting NATM by emailing or by calling (785) 272-4433.