NATM Selects 2020 Committees

NATM News,
In December, the NATM Executive Committee met in person at NATM Headquarters to set the 2020 committee goals and choose committee members. Using the results of interest indicators sent to all NATM members in November, members were selected for each committee. Taking into account the 2019-2021 Strategic Plan and NATM’s Mission, the Executive Committee diligently thought through what each committee could do to help raise the Association to new heights. For more information about becoming more involved in NATM through committee participation, contact NATM Executive Director Kendra Ansley at or call (785) 272-4433. 

Board Development (Nominations)
Marty Lorick, Triple Crown Trailers*
Andy Gehman, MGS Incorporated
Patrick Jennissen, Felling Trailers
Jeff Jones, Statistical Surveys
John Kerr, MMA
Joe Ostrowski, Kenda/Americana

Owen Shelton, Boatmate Trailers*
Marty Lorick, Triple Crown
Josh Johnson, Big Tex Trailers
Patrick Jennissen, Felling Trailers
Jim Berry, Dexter Axle
Josh Johnson, Big Tex Trailers*
Jim Berry, Dexter Axle
Charles Daugherty, Red Fern Dynamics
Bob Harris, AmeraTrail, Inc.
Patrick Jennissen, Felling Trailers
Charles Lange, Legend Mfg.
Richard Lavanture, LaVanture Products
Marty Lorick, Triple Crown Trailers
Carl Maxey, MGS Incorporated
Owen Shelton, Boatmate Trailers
Stuart Sliwowski, Americana/Kenda


Joe Ostrowski, Kenda/Americana*
Jim Berry, Dexter Axle
Brent Freel, KampCo
Pat Jennissen, Felling Trailers
Josh Johnson, Big Tex Trailers
Jeff Jones, Statistical Surveys
Marty Lorick, Triple Crown Trailers
Jennifer Moore, NCP Coatings
Dustin Smith, Optronics
Greg Snyder, CAR MATE Trailers
Joe Snyder, Novae Corp.
Devlun Whiteing, Midwest Industries
Government Affairs
Leo Akins, Forest River*
William Craig, U-Haul
Les Eaves, Delta Trailers
Andy Gehman, MGS Incorporated
Pat Jennissen, Felling Trailers
Brett Johnson, Optronics
Josh Johnson, Big Tex
John Kerr, MMA
Tim Lammers, Demco
Dustin Miller, Cross Trailers
Ty Scott, Hydrastar
Don Taylor, BrakeQuip
Jacob Woodard, Manus Products
Bill Snider, Dexter *
Joel Bauer, Midsota Mfg.
Eric Kazmierzak, Laclede Chain
Frank Pendleton, Wabash National
Gary Sale, Diamond Vogel
Greg Snyder, CAR MATE
Eric Spears, Carry-On Trailer
Don Taylor, BrakeQuip
Marianne Willis, Willis Extendables

Rebecca Gerads, Felling Trailers*
Jon Devitt, Midwest Industries
Marcus Hester, Optronics
Don Kennedy, TecNiq Inc.
Serena Moran, Sun CountryTrailers
Joe Steinberger, BWise Mfg.
Marcus Hester, Optronics*
Rick Coffey, The Carlstar Group
Shaun Douglass, Optronics
Cary Loeser, Automotive International
Jason McGahee, Clarke Veneers and Plywood
Bill O’Hara, Dexter
J’Lynn Olah, Shelby Trailer Service

Nathan Uphus, Felling Trailers*
Willie Bauer, CAR MATE
Lyle Berning, Novae Corp.
Fred Dosmann, Dec-O-Art
Rick Huddleston, Tracker Marine
Andy Jamison, Dexter
Jason Lewis, Big Tex
Bill Snider, Dexter
Nick Dorfer, BrakeQuip
Michael Ethridge, Wylie Mfg. Co,
Paul Feight, MGS Incorporated
Randy Gressley, Big Tex Trailers
Al Henderson, Americana/Kenda
Taylor Jones, B&W Trailer Hitches
Rod Ludwig, Midwest Industries
Nate Matesich, U-Haul
Bryce McIntyre, Stellar Industries
Randy McMann, Dexter
David Mihalick, Bison Coach
Owen Shelton, BoatMate
Justin Storie, Novae Corp.
Mike Story, LOOK Trailers
Marco Garcia, U-Haul*
Mark Bushek, Big Tex Trailers
Paul Dathe, Caliber Inc.
Andrew Duggan, Hillsboro
Michael Gerowitz, Tredit Tire
Jonathan Gravell, Truck Systems Technologies
Michael Hall, HaulGage
Brad Hengehold, Cargo Towing Solutions
Alan Hoogenakker, Tuson RV Brakes
Paul Lockwood, Lionshead
Daniel Luby, BoatMate Trailers
Christopher Rauch, Crystal Welding
Stephen Robertson, Toyota
Steven Saumier, Sumig
Chris Shadbolt, Genius Solutions
Nathan Uphus, Felling Trailers
Kyle Wald, Felling Trailers
Jamie Wenger, HB Fuller