Trailer Safety Week Has Another Record-Breaking Year

NATM News,

Trailer Safety Week (TSW), a national awareness campaign focusing on trailer education, made its debut just three years ago. Since its inaugural year, this safety initiative has piqued interest across the nation amongst trailer manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, end-users and law enforcement. The 2020 Trailer Safety Week was no exception and saw another record-breaking year for participation, social media engagement and a plethora of media coverage.

Trailer Safety Week Allies

Trailer Safety Week Allies ranged from law enforcement departments and industry partners to trailer manufacturers, suppliers and dealers. The 2020 TSW saw over 235 allies committed to trailer safety and education—a 56% growth from 2019. Allies were equipped with the official TSW Communications Kit, a marketing toolkit created specifically for TSW Allies, to effectively communicate the importance of trailer safety. This year, Allies sent TSW information directly to over 3,000 dealers and end-users. Allies played an important role in not only the education of their customers and followers, but in helping generate awareness and drive traffic to NATM’s social media platforms as well as

Social Media Success

2020 marked the first year that the TSW awareness campaign was hosted entirely online. Through the #TrailerSafetyWeek social media campaign, and with the help of more than 235 TSW Allies, the importance of safe trailering reached thousands across several social media channels. Countless social media posts were created and shared on Facebook in hopes to better educate end-users on important safety measures to take when trailering. In addition to this, NATM shared several trailer safety posts on its social platforms. These posts featured trailering tips every trailer user should know, the importance of the NATM Decal and more, which earned a reach of over 32,000 people—a 102% growth from 2019. hosts an easily accessible Towing Safely Guide that is free to all. Since the inaugural TSW, this website has seen nearly 14,400 unique visitors. The TSW website also earned over 30,000 SEO impressions in the month of June alone. TSW Allies’ efforts on social media led nearly 3,000 new visitors to throughout the month of June—a testament to the impact Allies have on generating safe trailering awareness. It is apparent that is not only being utilized during the week itself, but 365 days a year.

TSW Was Featured Here

Trailer Safety Week was featured in a variety of ways. From a “Safe in 60” news segment dedicated to TSW to a posting on a law office’s website, TSW garnered an increased amount of coverage. You can view where TSW was featured here:

Join The Movement

Trailer Safety Week continues to be a step in the right direction for the trailer industry. With the support of our members, an effective social media campaign, countless TSW Allies and coverage in several news publications, this safety awareness campaign allowed safe trailering to become more visible to the general public.

“Trailer Safety Week was once again a huge success thanks to the support of Trailer Safety Allies across the country,” said NATM Executive Director Kendra Ansley. “NATM is already looking for new ways to further expand the reach of our efforts next year. With the introduction of Trailer Safety Champions and Partners, we are looking for companies interested in taking allyship one step further, including companies interested in sharing their safe trailering expertise. Companies in the trailer industry are regularly contacting the NATM to learn more about participating, with one new Partnership already in development. The staff is using the momentum and excitement of this year’s success to begin planning for next year’s Trailer Safety Week that will be held June 6-12, 2021. Improving trailer safety will take every facet of the industry working together to be successful and we look forward to more organizations getting involved at the level – ally, champion, partner - that best suits their needs.”
Those interested in joining this trailer safety movement can find more information at or by contacting the TSW team at