Update your Files for the 2024 NATM Political Action Committee

Posted By: Meghan Ryan NATM News,

The National Association of Trailer Manufacturers (NATM) established a Political Action Committee, the NATM PAC, in 2010. The NATM PAC serves to support members of Congress who support the light- and medium-duty trailer industry and its positions on matters of public policy. 

Campaign finance law requires NATM to secure “prior approval” from member companies before soliciting member companies’ executive and administrative personnel, stockholders, and the families of both groups. Member companies may not approve solicitations by more than one trade association in any calendar year. If, on behalf of the company you are authorized to represent, you would like to grant prior approval for the administrative personnel, stockholders, and families of both groups of your company to be solicited by NATM in calendar year 2024, please complete the prior approval agreement online using the button on this page. 

Since its inception, 60 individuals have contributed to the PAC raising more than $151,000 and those dollars have contributed to over 80 incumbent campaign committees on both sides of the aisle. The PAC is governed by a Board of Directors composed entirely of NATM Members. The PAC Board is responsible for developing both an annual budget and confirming candidates to whom the PAC will contribute based on specific, established criteria. Having the PAC Board composed of industry members is a key feature of assuring PAC goals align with industry needs. 

To learn more about the PAC, contact NATM PAC Treasurer Alex Stowe at Alex.Stowe@natm.com.

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