Understanding and Utilizing Warning Labels in Trailer Manufacturing - Webinar

Posted By: Ginger Baker-Sanhueza NATM News,

 This webinar is a must-attend for NATM trailer manufacturers, service providers, and dealers!

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Date and Time:
April 18th, 10:00 AM CST

Ginger Baker Sanhueza, NATM Education Director

Meet Our Speakers:
Whitney Kovalenko, Sales Representative
Liz Ruff, Quality Specialist
Whitney is a talented label expert with a tenacious work ethic. With over a decade of experience in the sales industry, Whitney constantly practices her excellent customer service skills and exercises determination to conquer challenges. She specializes in Dec-O-Art’s VIN calculation program, FedCert Suite, and in providing service to the trailer industry for branding and compliance labels.  Liz Ruff is a dynamic and accomplished leader. She exudes an inquisitive nature which helps fuel her divergent thinking and problem-solving innovations. Liz has an extreme passion for training and is a driving force behind Dec-O-Art’s supreme quality standards and practices. She specializes in displaying a service-centered approach and commitment to executing our compliance and quality goals. 

The National Association of Trailer Manufacturers invites you to join the educational webinar entitled: “Enhancing Safety: Understanding and Utilizing Warning Labels in Trailer Manufacturing” hosted by Ginger Baker Sanhueza, NATM’s Education Director.  

Taking place on April 18th at 10:00 AM CST, this webinar is a must-attend for any trailer manufacturing industry professional who would like to learn more about safety labels as outlined in the NATM Guidelines document. Our panelists, Whitney Kovalenko and Liz Ruff from Dec-O-Art bring the company's 50+ years of experience in creating durable, compliant, and custom labels nationwide to this webinar. With their insights and industry knowledge, attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of warning labels.

Key Topics:
  • Understanding the purpose and application of Warning Labels

  • Compliance with ANSI standards and best practices for label placement

  • Benefits of incorporating warning labels

Join us for an engaging discussion and equip yourself with the knowledge needed to ensure safety and label compliance in the light- and medium-duty trailer industry. Register now and show your commitment to enhancing trailer safety. 

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For questions or inquiries, please contact Ginger Baker Sanhueza at ginger.bakersanhueza@natm.com or call 785-272-4433.