2020 Membership Update

NATM News,

NATM prides itself as an association with a loyal membership, and thus far, the 2020 renewal period is proving just that. As of March 19th, 88% of companies have renewed their membership for the coming year. Thank you to all NATM members for your continuous demonstrated commitment to trailer safety and the overall success of the industry. Your annual recommitment is what makes it possible for the Association to achieve its mission while also adding new member benefits. NATM is constantly evaluating costs and benefits to ensure your annual membership investment is being met with valuable returns.
NATM’s commitment is to its members and ultimately to trailer safety. Supporting NATM members’ ability to grow and prosper, while also contributing to the safety of the nation’s roadways is what drives the Association’s work. Your support of this mission and your integral feedback along the way is vital to NATM’s success. NATM looks forward to continuing this important work for the remainder of the year!

‚ÄčTo renew your membership, contact NATM Membership & Events Director Kelli Maydew at Kelli.Maydew@natm.com.