​2022 NATM Membership Dues Deadline

NATM News,

Membership renewal forms will begin to be mailed and delivered to members in November. In order to avoid a membership lapse, 2022 dues are to be paid by Jan. 31, 2022. Any dues not received by Jan. 31, 2022 will be considered delinquent and all membership benefits will be terminated until paid per the NATM Bylaws.

For trade show exhibitors, it is important to note that NATM DUES MUST BE PAID BY DEC. 31, 2021 to maintain the member rate for booths at the February 2022 Convention & Trade Show in Tampa, Fla.

Membership dues for 2022 are as follows: $860 for Associate (Supplier) members, $150 for Associate Branch members, $995 for Regular and International Regular (Trailer Manufacturer) members and $325 for Regular Branch members. If you joined between February and October of 2021, your 2022 dues will be prorated accordingly.

​If you have questions, including username and password information for the “Members Only” site, contact Catie Rutkowski, NATM Administrative Assistant, at (785) 272-4433 or Catie.Rutkowski@natm.com.