Free Registrations & Room Nights for Dealer Affiliates at 2022 Convention & Trade Show

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The National Association of Trailer Manufacturers (NATM) is excited to welcome trailer dealers to the 2022 NATM Convention & Trade Show in Tampa, Fla. Feb. 1-3, 2022!

NATM has been committed to trailer safety for more than 30 years. While NATM has long worked with trailer manufacturers, industry suppliers, and service providers, trailer safety can only be improved through dealer interaction and consumer education. Expanding the Association’s base to include dealer affiliates and now allowing dealers to attend the Annual Convention & Trade Show is the logical next step in improving trailer safety.

The NATM Convention & Trade Show is the annual trade show for the light- and medium-duty trailer industry. With more than 1,000 trailer manufacturer and supplier attendees per year and growing, this "must attend" event provides education, networking, and communication for those in the industry. The 2020 sold-out trade show boasted more than 200 exhibiting companies, with 37 new exhibitors, giving attendees a variety of products and services to view. The show also included attendees from more than 100 trailer manufacturing companies across North America.

The Association’s purpose is to open lines of communication, increase trailer safety awareness, and provide dealers with the education and information they have long requested from NATM. NATM has worked diligently with committees, trailer manufacturers, industry suppliers, and dealers to create a path of inclusion for dealers.

Dealers will be invited to attend all regular workshops and technical forums, as well as the Awards Reception on Tuesday; Dealer Workshop & Luncheon on Wednesday, Feb. 2, 2022 at 11 a.m.-3 p.m. and the Trade Show Reception Wednesday 4-5 p.m.

Please note: Dealers are not able to attend the Tee Off Convention Top Golf event or the Trade Show Floor on Wednesday, Feb. 2 between the hours of 11:30 a.m.-4 p.m.

Dealers are invited to tour the trade show floor and shop for components, materials, and service providers on Wednesday, Feb. 2 during the Trade Show Reception 4-5 p.m. and Thursday, Feb. 3 from 9 a.m. to noon. There will be no trailers on exhibit at this show.

NATM will be offering a “New Dealer Promotion” to help offset costs for dealers attending the show. NATM Dealer Affiliates are eligible for two complimentary full registrations and two free hotel room nights while available! To apply for the New Dealer Promotion, contact NATM Assistant Director Meghan Ryan at or (785) 272-4433.