NATM Guidelines Annual Update Preview

NATM News,

Since 1992, the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers (NATM) has annually published the Guidelines for Recommended Minimum Manufacturing Practices for Light- and Medium-Duty Trailers, otherwise known as the Guidelines. These updates are researched and compiled by NATM Staff, NATM Members, and NATM’s committees with approval by NATM Staff, and the NATM Compliance Committee. One drawback to the annual update process is only updating once a year. Members are required to wait until each new edition to gain any new or edited information. Starting this year, NATM will periodically update its membership on upcoming changes for the next edition of the Guidelines via Tracks magazine, social media, and NATM Tech Talk, a brand-new electronic newsletter keeping you up to date on all things technical and compliance. Sign up for this newsletter and more at

The intention of these general updates is not to provide an official new version of the Guidelines, provide a full context, or provide immediate changes, but to notify members of the upcoming changes so they may be prepared and take action if needed. Contact NATM Technical Director Terry Jones at or call (785) 272-4433 for more information.

Upcoming Changes

Section B11 – VIN / Data Plates and Manufacturer Information

The addition of:

  • 49 CFR § 567.1 Purpose
  • 49 CFR § 567.2 Application
  • 49 CFR § 567.3 Definitions
  • 49 CFR § 567.5 Requirements for manufacturers of vehicles manufactured in two or more stages.
  • 49 CFR § 567.6 Requirements for persons who do not alter certified vehicles or do so with readily attachable components.
  • 49 CFR § 567.7 Requirements for persons who alter certified vehicles.

Manufacturers may have additional requirements based on the type or stage of manufacturing they participate in, and the addition of these regulations will assist in navigating these requirements.

Appendix 2 – Quick Guide and Checklist

The addition of:
Checklist question: 7.41 Underride properly labeled on the forward or rear of the underride, including the manufacturer’s name and address, date of manufacture statement, and DOT marking.

Correlating Quick Guide information:

The addition of:
S5.3 Labeling. Each guard shall be permanently labeled with the information specified in S5.3 (a) through (c) of this section. The information shall be in English and in letters that are at least 2.5mm high. The label shall be placed on the forward or rearward facing surface of the horizontal member of the guard, provided that the label does not interfere with the retroreflective sheeting required by S5. of FMVSS No. 108 (49 CFR 571.108), and is readily accessible for visual inspection.

  • The guard manufacturer’s name and address.
  • The statement: “Manufactured in ____” (inserting the month and year of guard manufacture).
  • The letters “DOT”, constituting a certification by the guard manufacturer that the guard conforms to all requirements of this standard.

Information on rear underride labeling and enforcing existing federal regulation which requires specific labeling of the rear underride guard and aligning the Compliance Verification Program with federal regulation.

For more information on these changes, the Guidelines, or any other technical or compliance issue, contact NATM Technical Director Terry Jones at or (785) 272-4433.