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More than 1,100 trailer manufacturers, suppliers and dealers of the light- and medium-duty trailer industry will be listed in the 2023 NATM Membership Directory & Buyer’s Guide. This printed directory is designed to be used by trailer manufacturers looking for suppliers and trailer dealers looking for the best, compliant trailer options in the industry.

The NATM Membership Directory & Buyer’s Guide is an annual, free member benefit and all member companies are listed in the publication. Published by the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers, the Membership Directory & Buyer’s Guide has multiple sections to organize information consisting of:

Membership Directory

  • Alphabetically by company name

Buyer’s Guide

  • Associate (supplier) Members by category - this guide is divided by supplier category and sorted alphabetically
  • Regular Members by category- trailer manufacturer companies are listed by trailer category such as cargo, landscape or utility
  • Tow Vehicle OEM’s
  • Trailer Dealer Affiliates

Although many industries are moving away from printed publications, NATM’s membership continues to prefer the feeling of holding a hard copy to flip through to find suppliers to meet their needs and this year's printed Membership Directory & Buyer’s Guide is scheduled to arrive this fall to NATM members and select dealers!

Advertising Opportunities

Advertising in the NATM Membership Directory & Buyer’s Guide is the only way to visually show off your trailers and components to readers. The deadline for submitting artwork and contracts is Monday, June 26, 2023.

To Access the Advertising Contract for the Directory, Click here.

If you are interested in advertising, reach out to NATM Tracks Editor Samantha Darling LaCount at for a contract.

Online Membership Directory & Buyer’s Guide

Is searching for a new supplier on the internet more your speed? Have you misplaced your hard copy of the Membership Directory? Don’t worry! NATM’s members are also listed on NATM’s website on the online Membership Directory at

The online Directory & Buyer’s Guide requires no password or account to access the company information. Search criteria can be narrowed down to search by category, state, and keyword. Find a new business partner today:

  1. Trailer Manufacturer Directory 
  2. Supplier Directory 
  3. Dealer Affiliate Directory

You can update your company information at any time by using the secure member login. If you need assistance, contact Catie Rutkowski at or by calling 785-272-4433.  

Advertising opportunities are also available for the Online Membership Directory and Buyer’s Guide. Your company could be featured at the top of the category of your choice, pending availability. Your ad will appear first above all other listings, and the Directory is available to the general public, increasing your company’s exposure. Ads will link to a webpage of your choice. This opportunity also comes with flexible deadlines.

If you are interested in advertising, reach out to NATM Tracks Editor Samantha Darling LaCount at for a contract.